Episode 13

Jeff Barker

Jeff Barker began his career in newspapers. In 2006, he left journalism to join the re-election campaign for California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, eventually becoming head speechwriter. Today, Barker leads his own writing consultancy, penning speeches and op-eds for politicians and Fortune 500 executives.
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“Most people will either remember a gaffe, or a funny joke, or they'll remember what you say in those last 30 seconds.”
Jeff Barker

Episode 12

Dan Wilson

In the late '90s, Dan Wilson found mainstream success with his alternative rock band Semisonic and their radio hit "Closing Time." He's since become one of music's most sought-after songwriters, composing for Adele, Dixie Chicks and Taylor Swift. The Grammy Award-winning musician joins Kevin to discuss his collaborative approach to songwriting.

Episode 11

Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais is the writer, director and star of the seminal British comedy The Office. He also created Extras, Life's Too Short, and his latest television series is Derek, now streaming on Netflix. Ricky joins Kevin to talk about his comedy writing process.

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Episode 10

Buzz Bissinger

Pulitzer prize-winning writer Buzz Bissinger is the author of "Friday Night Lights," called one of the greatest sports books ever written by Sports Illustrated. His new book is "Father's Day," a memoir about his relationship with his brain-damaged son. Buzz joins Kevin in studio to discuss process.

Episode 9

Steve Padilla

Steve Padilla is an editor and writing coach at the Los Angeles Times. In 2006, he gave a workshop at the Chicago Tribune, a session so well received that reporters still ask for the recording today. Steve has graciously allowed us to share "Writing Diagnostics," newspaper-centric but applicable to all writers.

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Episode 8

Sarah Vowell

Sarah Vowell is a humorist and historian. She's the author of "Assassination Vacation," "The Partly Cloudy Patriot" and a longtime contributor to "This American Life." Sarah joins Kevin in studio to talk about humor as device, and how her radio background informs her writing style.

Episode 7

Susan Orlean

Susan Orlean writes about taxidermists, bullfighters, hairdressers, clowns, animals, famous people and suburban 10-year-old kids. A staff writer for The New Yorker, Orlean is the author of “The Orchid Thief,” “Saturday Night,” and her latest book, “Rin Tin Tin: The Life and the Legend.”

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