Welcome to Typecast

Greetings, fellow writing wonks.

I’m Kevin Pang and I spent 11 years writing for the Chicago Tribune.

You probably know someone like me: the neurotic, self-loathing writer who agonizes over every word, procrastinates, gets distracted by cat videos, has the attention span of a … ooh, shiny object! … and believes every sentence produced is a steaming pile of failure. If only I can sit down with my favorite writers and steal their mojo.

This is Typecast. It’s a show about the pleasures and agonies of the writing craft, where I pick the brain of writers I most admire. We can all glean knowledge from anyone who puts pen to paper for a living novelists, poets, screenwriters, rabbis and rappers. Think of this show as a Paris Review interview without the reading.

Anyhow, thanks for listening. Maybe subscribe on iTunes! Tell a friend, if you so choose. Anyway, let me buy coffee next time you’re in Chicago.