Episode 10

Buzz Bissinger

June 12, 2012

Pulitzer prize-winning writer Buzz Bissinger is the author of “Friday Night Lights,” called one of the greatest sports books ever written by Sports Illustrated. His new book is “Father’s Day,” a memoir about his relationship with his brain-damaged son. Buzz joins Kevin in studio to discuss process.

Listen to Buzz Bissinger
“I always end on a high note, so there's more to say. It could be in the middle of a sentence. So when I come back the next day, there's something to latch on to. ”


  1. "Father's Day"
    Official Website

  2. "Gone Like The Wind"
    Vanity Fair, August 2007

  3. "Shattered Glass"
    Vanity Fair, September 1998

  4. "Friday Night Lights"
    Excerpted in Sports Illustrated, Sept. 17, 1990

  5. "After Friday Night Lights"
    Amazon.com Kindle Single

  6. "Behind The Beautiful Forevers"
    By Katherine Boo

  7. Twitter @buzzbissinger

  8. "Getaway" by Dr. John
    Outro Song, Youtube