Artaria Item Map – Metroid Dread Guide


Artaria Item Map – Metroid Dread Guide

This page contains images of a fully explored and revealed Artaria map in Metroid Dread. If you are stuck in Artaria you may use this map to compare to your

Metroid Dread – Artaria Shinespark (Energy Tank) – Easy

How to get ETank Artaria Top Left Corner using Speed Boost in Metroid Dread

Top Left corner of Artaria has an ETank that is tricky to get.
You need to destroy 1 of the bomb blocks and quickly dash to the next room. From there activate speed booster and store the charge. Quickly morph ball and bomb the remaining single block. Quickly air dash and activate your Shine Spark / Speed boost into the boost blocks.

No CrossBomb required
Metroid Dread Artaria Map

Metroid Dread – Artaria – Tricky Energy Tank

This was the last item I got in Artaria. The timing was very precise.

I enjoy the puzzle aspect of using a bunch of abilities to get an item. It’s so much more rewarding than just being able to get an item because you can jump higher.

Metroid Dread Artaria Top Left Corner Energy Tank

Video guide on how to solve the shinespark puzzle in the top left corner of Artaria. You will need the Speed Booster, Cross Bomb, and Wave Dash before you can solve this puzzle.