Cosmo Canyon – Final Fantasy VII Guide


Cosmo Canyon – Final Fantasy VII Guide

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Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough Part 39 Cosmo Canyon

Part 39 – Cosmo Canyon & Bugenhagen.

A few things you can gain and do here, but nothing special aside from the Weapon shop and Materia Shop.

The Materia shop is perhaps slightly hidden due to the fact you may not think you can actually buy anything there.
The guy also doesn’t do anything the first time you talk to him which is confusing.

But anyway, 8000 a piece for Hp Plus which is worthwhile I’d say. I’m getting 2x to have 1 for each character.
Once those materias are leveled up a bit you get a HUGE health boost.

Final Fantasy VII Gameplay Walkthrough Part 36 – Cosmo Canyon and The Lore Behind the Lifestream

Cloud and the party have arrived at Red XIII’s home – Cosmo Canyon. Bugenhagen (Red XIII’s surrogate grandfather) explains that the planet itself is dying. The lifestream is comprised of the spirit energy of every life form on the planet. Shinra drains the lifestream in order to produce Mako energy. But this process means that the lifestream can no longer be replenished naturally. For a guy who constantly talks about the death of all living things, Bugenhagen sure is happy.

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Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough Part 28 – Cosmo Canyon Arrival & Grandpa Bugenhagen

►Playlist: ►Support Dansg08 on Patreon: ► Welcome to part 28 of this commentary playthrough of Final Fantasy VII. Cloud and the gang arrive in Cosmo Canyon, a place that is of great importance to those seeking knowledge about the planet. It also happens to be the home town of one of our party members. Prepare for quite the story…

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(017) Final Fantasy VII (7) 100% Walkthrough – The Hero of Cosmo Canyon

In this part, we sit around a campfire, enter the Cave of Gi, learn the Enemy Skill “Death Sentence”, get the Added Effect Materia, defeat Gi Nattak, get the Gravity Materia, meet Red XIII’s (Nanaki’s) father Seto, and finally arrive at Nibelheim.

Difficulty: 3/10
HP: 5,500

Gi Nattak’s Attacks: Gi Nattak can use Drain to take away HP and Aspil to take away MP, also if Big Guard is used, he may use DeBarrier to remove the effects. He has a physical attack with his spear, and is accompanied in battle by two Soul Fires, who will cast Fire2 to heal themselves. They may also possess party members and cast Fire2 from inside them to damage them.

Strategy: Gi Nattack can easily be defeated right away with an X-Potion, or a few Phoenix Downs. Otherwise, equip anything fire-proof or fire resistant and go to work on him.


– The Enemy Skill “Death Sentence” will produce a 60 second timer above an enemy before instantly defeating them with Death at the end of the time limit.

– To cross the oil slick (or whatever it is) to get the Added Effect Materia, simply walk across. Running will make you take damage.

– The giant spider-like creatures we find at the webs will do massive damage, but will become harmless after using the Enemy Skill “Frog Song” on them.