Leonie – Fire Emblem: Three Houses Guide


Leonie – Fire Emblem: Three Houses Guide

Leonie Pinelli is one of the Characters of Fire Emblem: Three

Golden Deer Maddening: Team Building Guide (Other Helpful Guides Linked in Description)

F!Byleth: 4:01
M!Byleth: 5:04
Claude: 5:59
Lysithea: 7:20
Marianne: 8:17
Hilda: 9:04
Leonie: 10:17
Shamir: 11:58
Seteth: 12:57
Catherine: 14:03
Sylvain: 14:42
Felix: 15:49
Lorenz: 17:11
Raphael: 18:10
Ignatz: 19:19
Utility Picks: 20:07 (Bernadetta, Flayn, Hanneman, Manuela, and Alois)
Freebie Picks: 23:17 (Yuri, Balthus, Constance, Hapi, Cyril, and Anna)

Gauntlets are good to equip because they have a low weight while still letting your units counter-attack.

For physical attackers, to maximize their AS (Attack Speed), you can un-equip their weapon. For magic users, you can have them equip non-attacking Faith magic such as Heal.

When you borrow students, while they don’t gain experience, you can have them freely use combat arts and their recovery items, and their uses will replenish between battles.

If Sylvain is in your party, you can acquire the Lance of Ruin after Chapter 5 by saying no to Rhea when she asks you to return it.

I forgot to mention Claude’s combat art from class mastery: Wind God.
It hits from 2-5 range, adding 5 might and 20 hit for 3 durability. It’s great, and you get it from mastering Barbarossa.
It’s not really applicable until late into the timeskip, so you don’t need to worry about it for most of the game.

I also didn’t mention relic combat arts. A lot of characters have them, but the two most immediately notable ones are Ruined Sky for Sylvain, and Fallen Star for Claude. You can see more details about relic combat arts here:


Maddening Tips:

Advanced Maddening Tips:

Guide for Chapter 1 Maddening (Mock Battle / First Battle of Eagle & Lion)

With these, you should be able to get past the early-game, and on your way to finishing the game.

Here are other guides from FED that go more in-depth on specific mechanics and other team-building aspects for Maddening Mode:

Here is a Greenhouse guide that helps you maximize the stats of your units with stat boosters, with a list of what each seed yields at the bottom:

I recommend planting pale blue (speed) and purple (strength) seeds the most. Speed helps avoid taking follow-up attacks, helps dish them out more, and raises your Avoid stat. Growing purple seeds to hit as hard as possible, especially with brave combat arts, helps deal with enemies a lot. It depends which one you need more, but the other options are also worth considering.

Here are various guides about specific mechanics such as base stats, growth rates, tea party answers, crests, weapons, combat arts, learned spells & skills, and how aspects of the monastery work:

Here is a guide on exam/lecture answers in Fire Emblem: Three Houses:

Here is a list of paralogues, which includes DLC characters such as the Ashen Wolves:
The characters required for each paralogue are listed. Note that while you often have to have them recruited to unlock the paralogue, this isn’t always the case. You can click on the paralogue names to get more information about the rewards, map items, and enemies.

If you want to recruit specific characters for the rewards their paralogues offer, you can do that, but I don’t feel that makes or breaks any character enough to justify mentioning it in the main video, and I want to keep it simple. It is made for beginners to Maddening who have a handle on Three Houses already. I don’t want to over-complicate things, and a lot of them will already have a general idea of which paralogues they like or dislike.

For text-based guides, if you are on a computer, you can press CTRL+F and specific terms or phrases in order to find matching terms on a webpage.

Mobile browsers also tend to have a similar option tucked away to the side.

Hopefully this Fire Emblem: Three Houses guide for building a team to complete the Golden Deer/Verdant Wind route is helpful for you.

-His Father’s Son from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
-Sophisticated Gentlemen by Birocratic
-Route 216 (Night) from Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, & Platinum
-What Lies at the End from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia
-A Fight to the Death from Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix
-Darkness of the Unknown from Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix
-The Color of Sunrise from Fire Emblem: Three Houses

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Fire Emblem Three Houses GD Maddening #20 – Three Bow Knights One Ballista

Some rules for your eyes

– Playthrough is done on New Game Maddening

– Game must be saved every time when given the option(NO save scumming)

– Units can only promote into classes that require the proficiencies of their set final class (Final class of Falcon Knight can be any sword/lance or flying required classes/this does not include class proficiencies Archer may have a sword proficiency but it does not require a sword level to certify meaning its a no go)

– Units can only use weapons their classes have proficiencies with (Archer-swords/bows, Armored Knight lances/axes)

– The one rapier purchased with renown can be used by anyone regardless of class ONLY for Death Knight purposes

– No limit to the amount of classes any one unit can master (Leonie can certify and master any class the that has Reason or Flying as a requirement)

(More Rules may be added when they are I will make sure too update all videos 🙂

DISCUSSION: Leonie’s Infamous B-Rank (Fire Emblem Three Houses)

I’ve been wanting to do discussion videos on Fire Emblem Three Houses, so let’s start with a topic I know well.

If you want to leave a suggestion for the QOTD, simply leave your suggestion down in the comments below in a separate comment with the words “QOTD Suggestion” somewhere in the comment.

Leonie Expedition Perfect Conversation Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Guides

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